Dorota Skawinska fotografia o mnie

My name is Dorota and I welcome you on my website.
As a mother of three wonderful children, I experience how fleeting moments are, how fast time flies, how children grow and we grow young 😉
Therefore, wanting to stop time, I combined two passions in my work – love for children and love for photography. This is how my “fourth child” came into being, my stepping stone and my fulfillment, my joy and my proud pictures.
Doing what I love, I devote myself to it 100% – I care about every detail in your photos, I surround with your love and peace your children, I make you feel beautiful during the session.
I divide my experience in pregnancy, neonatal, child and family photography into two categories – those taken from life experience and those acquired at workshops.

Everyone who was at my session with his newborn baby comes out with a whole range of new skills – how to take care of a baby, how to mute him, how to sleep, how to cure or how to help with problems with the tummy. I will not mention my “magical” teats. 😉 Having three children and a lot of your little ones every day I get new experiences necessary to work during the session.
Every expectant mother in the session with me comes out happy because I always help to pose, translate, set, give time to relax – because the session is to be for you, above all, a nice memory.
But life experience is only part of what I can do.
The most important in photography, however, is my workshop, that is, what I can do and thanks to which my photos will be a beautiful, professional souvenir for your whole life.

I love to learn and I do not spare me money because I think that only learning from the best from around the world will give me knowledge and skills that others can not offer.

I studied and acquired experience at:
Kelly Brown
Luissy Dunn
Erin Elizabeth Hoskins
Bambi Cantrell
Alli Peck
Jannifer Nace
Caralee Case
Rocco Ancora
Kristen Cook
Sue Bryce
Magdalena Sienicka
M & K Słowiński
At the Nikon Academy
For Artistic Photography Workshops in Złodziejew:
Elena Shumilova
Beata Banach
Magdalena Berny
At the School of Creative Photography at the Krakow School of Art
At the Academy of Photography in Krakow

For a long time I have already been a teacher for other photographers and with great enthusiasm and commitment I pass on my knowledge, I share secrets of working with children and adults, I betray secrets carefully guarded outside the workshop.
I love to plan sessions for you, create new sets, I have a head full of ideas – this is the joy of what you do!
So if you are looking for a professional photographer with passion, knowledge, love for photography and children, then you’ve come to the right place, I greet you and invite you,