Dorota Skawinska is the best pregnancy and newborn baby photographer! We came back to her four times (twice for a pregnancy session and twice for a newborn one). For the last two we have covered the distance Krakow – Lublin, because we knew it would be worth it. And it was! Each session exceeded our expectations. Each shot was breathtaking. Each picture will be a souvenir for our whole life for us and our children. During each session, you could feel the magic and professionalism of Dorota. Her manner of speaking, concentration and movements made her want to keep these sessions going. It is not without significance that Dorota herself is a mother of wonderful children and knows exactly how to deal with newborns. The full picture is complemented by the fact that Dorota always shows that this work is her passion and makes her a great joy. We can recommend Dorothy with a clear conscience, because every day we see pictures taken by her, which we admire and our loved ones.

Katarzyna Nawrot

It was the most demanding session in my life! A million emotions, a bit of nerves, momentary doubt, light fear, joyful anticipation and emotions bringing tears to every next frame ❤ HUGE thanks to Mrs. Photographer, who turned out to be an oasis of peace, a person with perfect feeling both towards the baby and us, having a lot of experience and putting a lot of heart into what he does. If it were not for Mrs. Dorota and her patience, as well as the extra time she devoted to us, there would be no session. This is a moment not to be repeated, and a souvenir for life and we will always come back to this day, photos, moments with tears of emotion in our eyes. ❤
Mrs. Doroto, thank you !!!! (and admire)!
Sadosiowa Family ♡♡♡

Agata Sadowska

I came to you, Mrs. Doroto with a tiny Alisa for a neonatal workshop in February 2017, Alisa is my 2 child, so I saw a lot of people around a small child – but never anyone, except family, referred to my child with such tenderness, delicacy and respect . In every move with my daughter you could see the certainty and interest not only in the effect of the photos (both the effect for us and the student for the student), but above all the well-being and safety of the toddler and mine as a mother. The studio itself is one of the nicer, more beautiful and cozy places that I had the pleasure to visit, amazing neatness, amazing order and beautiful selection of accessories – all arranged by colors and types, does not give the impression of overwhelming and gathering dust, and collection of beautiful and neat – I felt like a Parisian boutique of the best designers! Pictures charming and still causing a smile and delight, finished photos I received unexpectedly quickly. Contact with Mrs., Mrs. Doroto, is a pleasure, a concert of care and trust, if only I would still live in Lublin, I would meet with you systematically. Thank you for that time in February 2017 – both because of the pictures and the wonderful deep breathing in motherhood, I think that this memory will always accompany me! Best regards, Katarzyna Bartoszek, mother of the photographed Alisa.

Katarzyna Bartoszek

I was delighted with the way Dorota would lead the neonatal session. She is an excellent lady photographer, all pampered at the last button. The most important thing at the session is a child. It dictates the conditions for conducting the session. There was no pursuit in feeding, in dressing. And this is very important for a newly-baked mother. 🙂 If I still have children, I will definitely want to do a session with Mrs. Dorota. I recommend to all friends and I think it is a great souvenir. Thank you again.

Barbara Kaliszuk

I am very pleased with the effects of the pregnancy and the neonatal session😊 Ms. Dorota is a very nice and warm person. 😊 At work, you can see the professionalism that reflects the received photos. Particularly noteworthy is the wonderful approach to the baby and the atmosphere prevailing during the session. I heartily recommend to all who want to have a beautiful souvenir ❤😍

Anna MIlewska

I was in total three sessions (two neonates and one pregnancy). Very professional approach, preparation and care of small models combined with the lovable and warm person that you are made a great impression on me. Great effects of these sessions occupy special places in our home and homes of people close to us. In the future, we will be happy to present you in a family session ♥. Best wishes.

Agnieszka Binienda

I’m going to a session with the first of my branches so I’m afraid of everything, I do not know what is the service of such a creature and you with full professionalism intercept my treasure and after 5 minutes I feel that this is it. You have great talent and passion for what you do. You do not approach the pictures, but you individually cut the session to the parents’ expectations. You are not in a hurry. You have a lot of accessories, you can choose what you need after a few words. Well, let’s not kid yourself after 14 days after childbirth, the man is still in such shock – at least I – that I had to be with my child as well. For this, he talks to you like a friend – which I love because we do not drink and do not just pump around and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. That you do beautiful pictures, I do not have to say, “What’s the best in you – you’re a normal human being and you’re doing your job wonderfully.”

Maria Bugajska