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A birthday session is a unique way to pause the running time. Therefore, I invite your child for a beautiful and very colorful session with a cake. 

How many times in life does the Little One have a chance to destroy the cake and everyone is happy about it? 😉 This is what’s happening in my studio!

I plan each color session with the parents – I try to meet your expectations if possible so that the photos from the session can be a decoration of your homes.

Smach Cake Birthday Session is a 12 selected and professionally graphically edited photos, that you will receive: 

Dorota Skawinska fotografia

Package 1

– on a CD (in the version for printing and for publication on social networks or www) in the price: 600 PLN

Dorota Skawinska fotografia

Package 2

– on a CD (in a version for printing and for publication on social networks or www) along with a beautiful album, printed in a printing company, serving only professional photographers, in the price: 750 PLN

The price of the session includes a unique cake, made in a bakery specifically for my order, in colors suited to the stylization of the session (for safety reasons I do not order home-made cakes; if the child has any food restrictions, I determine with the bakery, whether they are able to prepare it).

I sign up for the session at least two weeks in advance, the deadline is confirmed only after crediting a non-returnable deposit of 300 PLN on my account. Up to a week before the scheduled session, I can change the date of its implementation – then the order in the bakery is already confirmed and even in the case of your resignation from the session, your down payment will be forfeited. I encourage you to book the date, as soon, as possible so that the moment chosen by you, will be available.

I will provide you with ready photos in an electronic form within 5-8 weeks after you have selected the shots from the session and provided me with this information. If you choose a package with an album, the printing process takes an additional two to three weeks. I try to get your photos, as soon, as possible but if you care about the time, you can buy the Express option at the price of additional 300 PLN – I send the photos in electronic form within 7 working days after you have chosen the shots.

You can buy additional shots for the session for 50 PLN/piece or additional albums from the session, that you can give as a gift to grandparents, for 150 PLN for each additional album.

I give the number of shots that you decide to buy, I do not give RAW files, I do not give all shots from the session.

The session lasts from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on how the Little One cooperates. Sometimes it happens that a child needs more time to get to the cake and sometimes it’s so busy about the food that he does not even have time to smile – they’re only children, each of them has their own idea to eat the delicacy ;).

I invite you to my studio, I provide all the necessary accessories to conduct the session. Ladies, please bring a towel for the child to wipe after washing out of the cake and a drink as little sweet as possible. We arrange the session during the hours of the child’s best activity, from Monday to Friday. The studio is nice and warm.

Feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer additional questions:

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Best regards and see you soon,

Dorota Skawinska